When it Makes ‘Cents’ to Offshore Data Entry

By allowing your business to concentrate on its core functions, without the distraction of data entry(Offshore), you have made one of the best strategic decisions for your company.

Moving the manual process of data entry offshore, costs are minimised while flexibility is increased. With specially selected Data Entry Specialists and Analysts, your company data will be handled skillfully and securely with the highest level of quality assurance. If an employee is away, we have a team of analysts that are trained to take over to ensure a deadline is never missed.

Central Marketing has access to a pool of Data Entry Specialists, with customizable skills, for the client to select the best applicant for their project. We also have in-house Project Managers that oversee the team of Specialists, by monitoring performance and upskilling when necessary and reporting back to the client with weekly/monthly updates.

Our Data Entry Specialists work with:
· Simple or Complex data,
· All types of files,
· Handwritten files,
· Hard copy manuscripts,
· Images,
· Microfilm.

Our Data Entry service offers rapid results, with supreme accuracy and efficiency. We have an infrastructure in place to provide constant performance measurement and quality control, bringing to you a highly efficient and dependable service, at a mere fraction of onshore prices.