Improving Productivity, Increasing Profitability

Improving Productivity, Increasing Profitability Telesales Starting at $10 an Hour

Central Marketing employs specialist staff to work with optimized scripts to help you sell your product or service over the phone. Whether you require inbound or outbound services, we will communicate directly with your customers, providing a voice recording of the call.

By outsourcing your telesales, our lead generation experts will act as your offshore sales team during peak periods, helping to reduce time, money and stress. We also hire, train and monitor employee presence during day and night shifts in our call centres.

Our telesales staff is trained to:
· Identify sales opportunities and sell features/benefits of product/services
· Driven to meet high sales targets/agreed levels of calling activities
· Provide after-sales follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction
· Communicate with existing accounts to increase/maintain business activity
· Research new revenue-generating opportunities
· Report back customer disputes or concerns
· Migrate/update Customer Relationship Management database
· Carry on two-way conversations to increase conversion rate

Using a telesales team to sell directly to customers can increase sales and reduce the cost of sales, compared with the equivalent cost of a field sales team.

An effective telesales representative must be an excellent communicator and have superior people skills. They must be comfortable presenting products or services over the phone as well as dealing with complaints and doubts. An effective telesales representative builds repeat sales through strong customer relationships by focusing on customers’ wants and needs.

Let our remote staff explore new business opportunities or help to manage your global relationships.